Saturday, April 2, 2011

Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure

Over 25 percent of all adults and over 5 percent of people below age eighteen develop high blood pressure. When high blood pressure begins in adolescence, about 25 percent of its victims will have measurable heart damage by age eighteen. About 85 percent of all high blood pressure can be completely controlled by diet, food, and lifestyle.Very few things we do have favorable results 85 percent of the time. For instance, investment and job decisions we make seldom meet our expectations. But if you follow the steps in this articles, you will have about an 85 percent probability of controlling your high blood pressure without resorting to medication. These are Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure:

1. Increase dietary fiber.
2. Control Stress.
3. Avoid tobacco, caffeine, and cocaine
4. Take a basic daily suplement.
5. Get Enough calcium and magnesium
6. Take more Vitamin B-Complex, C, E
7. Use Herbs For Support.

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